W Singapore Sentosa Cove

21 Ocean Way, Singapore 098374, Singapore
1 review

In this business-focused city, the W Singapore is shaking things up. With psychedelic lighting, whimsical wood details, and elevators lined with printed red leather, it’s a far cry from traditional. But it’s more than just contemporary design that has set the W apart from other Singapore properties since its September 2012 opening. The hotel expresses a “work hard, play hard” ...

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  • 1
    0.01 mi


    0.01 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    1 review

    The food is solid and the location is pleasant but hard to know which is the bigger source of chaos -- the zillions of children or the disorganized staff. Very popular but I found it unenjoyable. Offers the fantasy of a hip Sydney brunch spot but really just a noisy suburban strip mall restaurant set on a marina with a ...

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  • 2
    2.35 mi

    Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice - Maxwell Food Centre

    2.35 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove

    Fave chicken rice in Singapore! Be prepare to wait but it's totally worthed

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  • 3
    4.02 mi

    Din Tai Fung

    4.02 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    9 reviews

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!! My mom and I will make it a point to come here at least once a month. The food is wonderful and filling. You wont feel guilty for overeating because it is that good! Hope you enjoy!

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  • 4
    2.58 mi

    Ya Kun Kaya Toast

    2.58 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove

    When in Singapore, try the local coffee and tea. Ya kun Kaya Toast is one of the more popular coffee shops with branches everywhere. There's a fun local lingo (mixture of Malay and Chinese) for ordering the coffee and tea: Teh Si Siew Tai (tea with less sugar) Teh Kosong (tea with nothing) Kopi O (Black Coffee) Teh Peng (Iced ...

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  • 5
    2.12 mi

    The Blue Ginger Restaurant

    2.12 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    3 reviews

    Great Peranakan in a traditional shop house. Rendang is exceptional. I prefer True Blue but this is a great runner up.

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  • 6
    3.86 mi

    Wild Honey

    3.86 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    15 reviews

    Great cafe, good food and nice relax ambience. I prefer this for brunch/lunch or just an afternoon coffee. Reserve or come early, can be a bit of a wait.

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  • 7
    4.64 mi

    Samy's Curry Restaurant

    4.64 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove

    Exceptional no frills Indian. Samy's serves delicious curries directly from a wooden bowl to the leaf on your plate. Cutlery is the exception. Plan to get your hands dirty and have a fantastic meal.

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  • 8
    4.23 mi

    PS Cafe

    4.23 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    8 reviews

    Great place for brunch and dessert. Generous portion of food and good selection of cakes.

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  • 9
    3.84 mi


    3.84 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove

    YUMMM! Told my local friend I was craving laksa and she took me to this spot. They are also known for serving the most expensive Hainan chicken & rice in all of Singapore but boy is it good!

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  • 10
    4.04 mi

    Ayam Penyet Ria

    4.04 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    4 reviews

    Delicious Indonesian style ayam penyet (smashed chicken). Even if you ask by Indonesian standard, this is one of the best spots for ayam penyet. Come early, prepare to queue especially during lunch and dinner.

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  • 11
    2.65 mi

    Plain Vanilla Bakery

    2.65 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    2 reviews

    Not your ordinary plain vanilla bakery and coffee shop. I like the clean and minimalist design of this place. What's more when you enter the pastries just makes you drool. Try their cupcakes it is absolutely gorgeous and one of the best I've ever tasted.

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  • 12
    3.33 mi

    True Blue Cuisine

    3.33 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove

    My favorite Peranakan place in Singapore. Gorgeous setting and exceptional food. Service is quick and attentive. The food is hawker center quality (which isn't an insult) but the setting is a wonderfully restored colonial home. True Blue should definitely be on your short list. Ask the staff for recommendations. Portions are generous. The stir friend sweet potato leaves were excellent.

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  • 13
    2.84 mi

    Tiong Bahru Estate

    2.84 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    4 reviews

    This gem of a neighborhood has gone through quite a renaissance. You'll no longer find Singaporean "uncles" and their bird cages but you will find great Art Deco architecture, plenty of modern cafes, and a nice collection of individually owned shops and restaurants. Despite the influx of modernity, still retains some of its old charm.

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  • 14
    4.61 mi

    Long Beach Seafood (Dempsey Rd)

    4.61 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    2 reviews

    Delicious black pepper crab served up with an unexpected level of graciousness. Definitely the most friendly and attentive of the crab restaurants I've gone to in Singapore. A good spot if you are a first timer. They'll even do all of the dissection for you if you don't want to get your hands dirty -- but you should get your ...

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  • 15
    2.35 mi

    Maxwell Food Centre

    2.35 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove

    A good hawker (i.e., street food) center conveniently located near China Town. A great place to sample a variety of local food. The chicken rice stall midway down the first row is legendary.. just wish I could remember the name.

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  • 16
    2.93 mi

    Tiong Bahru Bakery

    2.93 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    4 reviews

    Coffee and bread are good in here but in term of price it is slightly more expensive than other cafe

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  • 17
    2.96 mi

    Jumbo Seafood - The Riverwalk

    2.96 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    11 reviews

    Located right next to the river, this is a great spot for trying Singapore's famous chili crab. You'll definitely want a seat outside -- the atmosphere here is nothing to write home about. The service can also be a bit abrupt. A great Singapore experience. I prefer No Signboard but the experience here is a bit more authentic. The food ...

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  • 18
    2.18 mi

    The Lokal

    2.18 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove

    Went to this corner Melbourne inspired cafe for brunch. The place is not big, but has a warm atmosphere perfect for brunch. Tried their French toast with bacon and maple syrup - so so yummy and a cuppa. Perfect Sunday brunch.

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  • 19
    2.16 mi

    Kko Kko Nara

    2.16 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    2 reviews

    Korean oven chicken!! The perfect place to fill your hunger especially in the night! They have another establishment on Tanjong Pagar Rd which opens until 3 am. Must try their assortment of fried chicken. It's just delicious.

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  • 20
    4.59 mi


    4.59 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    3 reviews

    Wonderful place to come for birthdays! Great fajitas and highly recommend sharing the margarita pitcher with friends! All the flavors are great and have been tried ;)

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