W Singapore Sentosa Cove

21 Ocean Way, Singapore 098374, Singapore
1 review

In this business-focused city, the W Singapore is shaking things up. With psychedelic lighting, whimsical wood details, and elevators lined with printed red leather, it’s a far cry from traditional. But it’s more than just contemporary design that has set the W apart from other Singapore properties since its September 2012 opening. The hotel expresses a “work hard, play hard” ...

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  • 1
    0.01 mi


    0.01 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    1 review

    The food is solid and the location is pleasant but hard to know which is the bigger source of chaos -- the zillions of children or the disorganized staff. Very popular but I found it unenjoyable. Offers the fantasy of a hip Sydney brunch spot but really just a noisy suburban strip mall restaurant set on a marina with a ...

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  • 2
    3.33 mi

    True Blue Cuisine

    3.33 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove

    My favorite Peranakan place in Singapore. Gorgeous setting and exceptional food. Service is quick and attentive. The food is hawker center quality (which isn't an insult) but the setting is a wonderfully restored colonial home. True Blue should definitely be on your short list. Ask the staff for recommendations. Portions are generous. The stir friend sweet potato leaves were excellent.

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  • 3
    3.0 mi

    Chopsuey Cafe

    3.0 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    2 reviews

    American-style Chinese brought back to Asia in a vintage Shanghai setting. This new restaurant from the folks behind P.S. Cafe is much better than the group's other restaurants. High quality ingredients, a beautiful setting, and comparatively good setting. This is the place for General Tso's chicken, Chopsuey, and a fortune cookie. They also have dim sum brunch and other more ...

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  • 4
    3.46 mi

    Tiffin Room (Raffles Hotel)

    3.46 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    2 reviews

    A wide selection of great Indian food. The food, service and atmosphere are all spectacular. Absolutely touristy but very good. Try to arrive before the JTB bus arrives. I hate buffets and I hate tourists traps but I consistently love this place. Used to be a 5 star for me but service was poor on my last visit -- which ...

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  • 5
    2.35 mi

    Maxwell Food Centre

    2.35 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove

    If you're in Chinatown, a good place to sample a variety of food is Maxwell Food Centre. It gets packed at lunch with all the people from the offices nearby. Generally, you can't go wrong with the stores with the queues - Tian Tian chicken rice and the fish soup store at the end of the centre. Local Tip: You'll ...

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  • 6
    3.86 mi

    Wild Honey

    3.86 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    14 reviews

    Great cafe, good food and nice relax ambience. I prefer this for brunch/lunch or just an afternoon coffee. Reserve or come early, can be a bit of a wait.

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  • 7
    3.35 mi

    Pizzeria Mozza

    3.35 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    11 reviews

    One of two newish Batali outlets in Singapore, Mozza is a relaxing and causal dining option at the Shoppes of Marina Bay Sands complex. We really enjoyed their cocktails too.

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  • 8
    4.31 mi

    Banana Leaf Apolo - Race Course Road

    4.31 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    10 reviews

    Always make a point of heading here for a meal when stopping over in Singapore. It's a basic dining room in the heart of Little India, with a few tables outside. Nice curries served on a banana leaf.

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  • 9
    2.35 mi

    Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice - Maxwell Food Centre

    2.35 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove

    Hainanese Chicken Rice is most popular for people to have lunch. It is very delicious and tasty. Here is the best Hainanese Chicken rice.

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  • 10
    1.28 mi

    Knolls at Capella

    1.28 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    4 reviews

    This lovely Mediterranean restaurant at Capella has lovely views and you could almost be forgiven for thinking you've landed in Bali. Good food with exceptional atmosphere. A nice spot for a decadent lunch or brunch. A great place to enjoy Capella even if you aren't a guest. The menu also includes a few Southeast Asian options but they are eye ...

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  • 11
    3.76 mi

    Epilogue Café

    3.76 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    3 reviews

    Attached to the {prologue} book shop at Orchard Central. Fine for coffee or tea. Spend 25 SGD and get a free book from a pre-selected range of books that appear to be excess inventory.

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  • 12
    2.96 mi

    Jumbo Seafood - The Riverwalk

    2.96 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    11 reviews

    Jumbo Seafood here sold various type of cooking like steaming, frying with chillies, sour sauce and etc. The seafood here are crabs, fish, 'sotong' and prawn. If you like hot spicy, then taste it.

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  • 13
    2.94 mi

    Brewerkz Restaurant & Microbrewery

    2.94 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    12 reviews

    american bar with a lively scene right along the river.

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  • 14
    4.02 mi

    Din Tai Fung

    4.02 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    8 reviews

    Best xiao long bao ever! Their fried pork chop is also a must try!

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  • 15
    3.11 mi

    Makansutra Gluttons Bay

    3.11 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove

    This is a great place to sample Singaporean hawker favourites before a night out with friends or concert. Firstly, it's a convenient location (next to the esplanade) Secondly, the outdoor atmosphere and views of the bay and Marina Bay Sands is irreplaceable and thirdly, the food is not bad.

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  • 16
    4.23 mi

    PS Cafe

    4.23 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    8 reviews

    Great place for brunch and dessert. Generous portion of food and good selection of cakes.

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  • 17
    3.84 mi


    3.84 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    7 reviews

    Came here back in 1999, and some locals in a newsgroup declared Chatterbox to be the best Hainan Chicken Rice in town. Well it was quite a feast at almost $12 at the time, considered very expensive, but somehow didn't quite compare to the ethereal version at Nam Ah 1964 in Hong Kong/Causeway Bay, a flavor and style I grew ...

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  • 18
    4.2 mi

    Hard Rock Cafe

    4.2 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    11 reviews

    Why Not? This Hard Rock Cafe was only a few blocks down from the Hotel and it was a Friday night at the end of our first week in town. This place has the look, feel, and energy of its namesake, except there are a lot more people and I didn't think that their version of the "classics" were as ...

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  • 19
    4.54 mi

    Newton Hawker Center

    4.54 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    5 reviews

    A dollar or two more expensive than most of the city's hawker centers, the Newton Food Center is genuinely a cut above. Tourists have discovered the place, but ii's not overrun, and it's popular with locals and expats alike. For a personal favourite, try the barbequed stingray and black pepper beef from Newton Lucky Seafood here.

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  • 20
    3.86 mi


    3.86 mi from W Singapore Sentosa Cove
    5 reviews

    Delicious ramen shop! Tasty soup and lots of add on options. Must try if you're a ramen lover.

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