Wagon Wheel Ranch

4057 Vía Opata, Palos Verdes Estates, CA
1 review

Our trail ride with PV Horses was awesome! You can't beat $50/hour for a trail-ride with a beautiful view. They even let you trot with the horses (I bet we could have ran a little if we didn't have a newbie in our group). They also don't make you wear the helmets if you don't want to. The horses were ...

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    0.77 mi

    Sushi Gone Wild

    0.77 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    1 review

    Probably one of the best Sushi restaurants in the south bay. You just can't beat the price. The owner is super friendly too!

  • 2
    0.75 mi

    Mongol King BBQ Restaurant

    0.75 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    1 review

    4 words. All you can eat! Best mongian bbq spot i have ever been to and i have never left dissapointed or hungry. Price is cheaper at lunch. It still reasonable and you get some small sides with your meal including soup. Come hungry

  • 3
    0.89 mi

    Chicken Maison

    0.89 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    1 review
  • 4
    0.85 mi

    Sub Club Italian Deli

    0.85 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    1 review

    Yum! So good! Too bad the rolls are so thick. Sandwiches are big, but it's a lot of bread.

  • 5
    0.88 mi

    Chicken Maison Healthy Mediterranean Restaurant

    0.88 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    1 review

    Finally tried Chicken Maison after reading so many good reviews. The chicken is moist and flavorful. We ordered the spicy lemon garlic chicken. It cost an extra $2.50 per chicken, but its definitely worth it. We ordered two Family Feasts which was quite a bit of food (4 chickens and 8 large sides). Everything was delicious. Of the sides I ...

  • 6
    0.96 mi

    Bob's Big Boy

    0.96 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    2 reviews

    Not bad, take out took forever. These burgers werent anything super special or unique but they were a good size and had a good taste. However with so many other great restaurants around, I'm not too sure i will be going back any time soon.

  • 7
    3.65 mi

    Captain Kidd's Fish Market & Restaurant

    3.65 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    13 reviews

    Fantastic seafood. Very fresh and quick. Captain kidds is right off the Redondo Beach pier, so the view of the ocean is breathtaking on a nice la day as well. The seafood is very reasonably priced for the quality and quantity. I got six king oysters for $9 and 1 pound of blue crab claws for $22! Unheard of! I ...

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  • 8
    3.27 mi


    3.27 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    9 reviews

    The menu has been upgraded, and yes there are some pricier items now on the menu. But at the same time the upgrade of the food, etc. makes this now fantastic! We went last night and were blown away. In the group we had: - Étouffée - Was absolutely wonderful - Salmon Cheeks - Very tasty! - Halibut - unreal!! ...

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  • 9
    3.44 mi

    Quality Seafood

    3.44 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    7 reviews

    SEVEN DEADLY SINS: DAY OF GLUTTONY Today, it was literally food coma day. Upon waking up at noon time, Francis and I proceeded to the pier and straight to a place called Quality Seafood. As I was raving about Brazilian Buffets, where you get 100% meat, this was the time for Francis to show off. Not what I would really ...

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  • 10
    2.46 mi

    King's Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant

    2.46 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    7 reviews

    This place rocks for kids. Every tuesday they have a Kieko menu for $.99. Yes, not a misprint or type. 99 cents. Catch- you have to bring a kid under 12. But, you can bring several kieko with ONE adult. I am sure that there is a limit but they don't seem to care. They bring those lovely bread to ...

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  • 11
    3.55 mi

    The Standing Room

    3.55 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    6 reviews

    I got a full-blown case of the 'itis from this joint. Demolished a bok bok and some truffle fries. I was out for 4 hours - slept through 2 movies. It was amazing. Cash burger was a bit salty. The sandwiches are so awesome.

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  • 12
    3.93 mi

    Musha Restaurant

    3.93 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    7 reviews

    Parking: Free shared mall parking lot. Service: Everyone was friendly and helpful. Food: My only disappointment with the food was some of their items on the special’s menu was not available. Potato croquette: Yummy 4/4.5 out of 5. Musha’s Risotto: I love seeing them bring out the wedge of cheese and scooping the risotto out of it. I prefer it ...

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  • 13
    3.94 mi

    The Cheesecake Factory

    3.94 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    6 reviews

    One of my favorites restaurants in US due the extension of its menu, quality of food, service and prices. Just facing the Marina of Redondo Beach it has a great atmosphere specially on sunny days! For the very first time I tried a dish from their skinnylicious menu... Tbt ... Yummy!

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  • 14
    4.01 mi

    Mitsuwa Marketplace

    4.01 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    6 reviews

    The original mitsuwa that started as "yaohan"! I have been going here for almost 20years! It's pretty much a foodie paradise of Torrance. The food court is the reason to visit, or for the restaurants in the same Plaza. The food court is thriving but the other shops such as the bookshop and the gift store is slowly dying.... It ...

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  • 15
    4.08 mi

    Bluewater Grill

    4.08 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    5 reviews

    Happy Hour (Mon-Fri 3:30-6:30PM) great HH deal ;) For Happy Hour, you have to eat @ the bar (a great place to people watch & chat with random people & maybe even get some #s, if that's your cup of tea then you'd love it =) The bartenders there are extremely nice & friendly (thank you David for such great ...

  • 16
    2.3 mi

    Patisserie Chantilly

    2.3 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    5 reviews

    Bottom line: yummy BUT pricey. I'll still give chantilly four stars for their quality. I mean, let's be honest. It's hard to come across japanese-style cakes that are actually pretty good since most of them are usually a-okay or down right crappy. However, chantilly is not overly too-sweet like Americanized cake and is delicious. I loveeee their Mont Blanc and ...

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  • 17
    1.82 mi

    Original Pancake House

    1.82 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    5 reviews

    I'm normally not a pancake person. In fact, I usually dislike it and will pay either give them away when they come with my meal or pay extra to upgrade it to french toast instead. I must say that I actually really enjoyed the pancakes here at Original Pancake House. I don't know what makes their pancakes so good. I ...

  • 18
    2.51 mi

    Yami Teahouse Inc.

    2.51 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    6 reviews

    Service can be pretty slow when it gets busy but it's a pretty decent tea place, especially for the South Bay area. Lots of spacious seating and the drinks are pretty good. Reminds me of a Tea Station.

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  • 19
    2.01 mi

    Cho Dang Tofu

    2.01 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    5 reviews

    My favorite soondobu restaurant! I've tried BCD and other cho dang tofu location (cerrtios) but this is my all-time favorite! I'm aware that a lot of people says cho dang tofu torrance uses MSG and some may say it taste like shin ramen but idgaf when it taste so delicious! I always order #1 mushroom tofu soup extra spicy. I'm ...

  • 20
    2.16 mi

    Chez Melange

    2.16 mi from Wagon Wheel Ranch
    4 reviews

    I am a huge fan of Chez Melange. This is one of the most consistent places in the south bay, and always makes for a "nice dinner out". I have also let them know it was a special event and they will create a special tribute menu for you.

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