West Amman

Mazen Al Ajlouni, Amman, Jordan
7 reviews

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  • 1
    2.78 mi


    2.78 mi from West Amman
    26 reviews

    I loved dead sea it's so nice there the quite of the sea the sun set above it just to sit and relax your self . i really love it and i would like to go back <3

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  • 2
    2.09 mi

    Temple of Hercules

    2.09 mi from West Amman
    7 reviews

    pura historia

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  • 3
    2.37 mi

    Roman Theater

    2.37 mi from West Amman
    8 reviews

    As I stood on one of the seven hills of Amman and gazed out at the city, I was amazed by the total lack of color. All you see in every direction is white and off-white stone, and a green tree here and there. The Roman legacy of stonework lives on in this bustling city, and right in the middle ...

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  • 4
    1.89 mi

    King Hussein Bridge

    1.89 mi from West Amman
    4 reviews

    love it

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  • 5
    2.7 mi

    عمان، الأردن

    2.7 mi from West Amman
    3 reviews
  • 6
    2.04 mi

    Wadi Rum camel ride

    2.04 mi from West Amman
    2 reviews

    Next weekend :)

  • 7
    2.7 mi

    Umm Ar Rassas

    2.7 mi from West Amman
    1 review

    It is practically in ruins ; the town still has several buildings, churches, some valued stoned arches and a Byzantine tower of 15 meters, that old Christian monks used as hermitage. The main attraction is the church of Saint Stephen with an impressive mosaic floor, showing cities of Holy Land, of Jordan and of Egypt.

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  • 8
    4.77 mi

    Wild Jordan

    4.77 mi from West Amman
    1 review

    On Rainbow Street (Abu Bakr Siddeq Street), this oasis offers an exhibition on conservation work, a gift shop of local crafts from pomegranate olive oil soaps to teas and jewelry, and a delightful cafe serving tasty bites, iced mint teas, smoothies and cocktail with the most spectacular view of the temple of Hercules, citadel, and, well, all of Amman!

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  • 9
    4.77 mi

    King Abdullah Mosque

    4.77 mi from West Amman
    1 review

    This mosque located in El-Abdali district was completed in 1990 as a memorial to the late King Hussein's Grandfather. The beautiful and instantly recognizable Blue Dome Mosque is worth a quick look inside. Women will be asked to wear an Abaya (gown) and cover their hair.

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  • 10
    4.77 mi

    Saint George Coptic Orthodox Church

    4.77 mi from West Amman
    1 review

    Beautiful church across from the blue domed mosque reminds travelers that Jordan has a large Christian population that lives with their Muslim countrymen peacefully.

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  • 11
    16.67 mi

    Mt. Nebo

    16.67 mi from West Amman
    10 reviews

    This was our second stop as part of a religious site tour in Jordan. According to the Bible, Mt. Nebo is where Moses was shown the Promised Land, and is also thought to be his place of burial. It was truly a spiritual place. Upon entering the gates, it was a relatively short walk around the site. The grounds were ...

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  • 12
    17.74 mi

    St. George Church-Mosaic Map

    17.74 mi from West Amman
    4 reviews

    St. George's Greek Orthodox Church contains a remarkable mosaic map that portrays the entire ancient Holy Land dating from 560 AD. Its amazing to learn the interralationships of Israel Syria Palenstine, jordan in the olden times. All these if your guide shall explain the oldest mosaic map of holy land found in Madaba.

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  • 13
    11.06 mi


    11.06 mi from West Amman
    1 review

    The town is lovely; it is walkable, and few spots remind old Italian villages; it lays on a bend among few green slopes; by the way, it is said that its name means "forests". Salt, it is not very popular among travelers to Jordan, for being not included in the standard circuits; however it is charming with its traditional bazaars ...

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  • 14
    17.62 mi

    Amman Beach Club

    17.62 mi from West Amman
    1 review

    If you're seeking that 'I want to float in the Dead Sea' moment and not staying in one of the waterfront hotels, this is the most credible alternative. At the time of writing, as a foreigner you'll be charged JOD 15 for entry (it's cheaper if you're a Jordanian national) and towels and a locker are a modest JOD 1.5 ...

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  • 15
    17.19 mi

    Four Seasons Lounge

    17.19 mi from West Amman
    1 review

    Here's a nice touch for anyone booked to stay in the Four Seasons hotel in downtown Amman. If you book the 'meet and greet' service you'll be escorted through (sometimes chaotic) immigration facilities and then taken to relax in a private lounge in the arrivals hall, reserved for hotel guests, while a porter waits at the carousel for your luggage. ...

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  • 16
    22.24 mi

    Jordan River

    22.24 mi from West Amman
    6 reviews

    River of Faith

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  • 17
    22.15 mi

    The Baptismal Site (Bethany beyond the Jordan)

    22.15 mi from West Amman
    4 reviews


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