West Beach

West Beach, Portage, IN 46403, USA
1 review
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  • 61
    23.89 mi

    homewood public library

    23.89 mi from West Beach
    1 review

    I love this library! The staff is always so friendly, everything is always stocked and they have a HUGE selection of DVDs to choose from. Including a lot of popular (current) movies and TV shows. The best part is that they're FREE (as are all libraries).

  • 62
    23.07 mi

    gilbert & sullivan opera company

    23.07 mi from West Beach
    1 review

    Terrific fun at U of C Mandel Hall since 1960. For a finale the audience sings "God Bless our Glorious Queen."

  • 63
    27.85 mi

    McKinley Park Ice Rink

    27.85 mi from West Beach
    1 review

    No food concessions here. Just ice and a 69 acre snow covered park.

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  • 64
    25.31 mi

    Ida B Wells Home

    25.31 mi from West Beach
    1 review

    Home of anti-lynching journalist, suffragette and my personal heroine is a landmark. I believe her granddaughter is in this photo. Not open to public.

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  • 65
    23.4 mi

    Lorraine Hansberry Home

    23.4 mi from West Beach
    1 review

    Landmark. Childhood home of Lorraine Hansberry, Raisin in the Sun. Her father successfully fought restrictive covenants laws in U.S. Supreme Court in 1940.

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  • 66
    24.28 mi

    Richard Wright Home

    24.28 mi from West Beach
    1 review

    Landmark. Wright lived here from 1927 to 1937. 12 Black Voices describes the black experience: slavery, emancipation, northern migration, urban ghetto.

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  • 67
    24.11 mi

    Drexel Bvd

    24.11 mi from West Beach
    1 review

    Believed to be the oldest fountain in Chicago. Bas relief panels include Neptune riding a dolphin, young man fishing, maiden standing at a spring.

  • 68
    26.45 mi

    Schaller's Pump

    26.45 mi from West Beach
    1 review

    The oldest continually-running bar in Chicago, Schaller’s Pump is also a haven for the White Sox faithful and local politicians—a crowd that’s oftentimes one and the same, since the local democratic office is located across the street. During Prohibition, an illicit next-door brewery pumped booze into the bar through underground piping, giving weight to the joint’s name. Stop in before ...

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  • 69
    23.32 mi

    Chicago EL

    23.32 mi from West Beach
    6 reviews

    Enjoy free musical performances from some of Chicago's finest artists. The best way to get around town, with great people watching potential.

  • 70
    22.98 mi

    Checkerboard Lounge

    22.98 mi from West Beach
    1 review

    This South Side spot is the real deal and probably the most atmospheric place to go for Blues. The neighborhood can get a bit rough. Make sure you’ve planned your transportation afterward.

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  • 71
    22.06 mi

    Lee's Unleaded Blues

    22.06 mi from West Beach
    1 review

    Chicago is a big, diverse city, but most of its blues clubs are located on the North Side. Fortunately, this old-school joint is still championing blues on the South Side and is definitely worth a visit. Located near an auto wrecker, this spot definitely ain’t fancy. However, it has authenticity to spare and the music here is top-notch.

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  • 72
    26.38 mi

    Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co

    26.38 mi from West Beach
    1 review

    My cousins and I had so much fun. They lived in chicago for decades but it was the first time they tried this! I was even the one who taught them of the free ride as long as you know the route to take. You will enjoy a scenic tour of Chicago's lakefront and downtown area taking this. Parking is ...

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  • 73
    35.24 mi

    Brookfield Zoo

    35.24 mi from West Beach
    1 review
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  • 74
    32.96 mi

    Chicago Portage National Historic Site

    32.96 mi from West Beach
    1 review

    Chicago Portage National Historic Site is an affiliated site of the US NPS. It tells the birthplace of Chicago IL. Their are display signage and monument to the event. Disability access is limited when going past the parking area. Disability parking is provide. You will need about 15 minutes to visit and longer if you hike the trails around the ...

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  • 75
    24.46 mi

    Walts Food Centers

    24.46 mi from West Beach
    1 review

    They are so friendly here! And the prices are reasonable. Everything is always well stocked, and there's a nice homey feel about the whole place. Love the mac n' cheese in the deli!

  • 76
    34.93 mi

    Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center

    34.93 mi from West Beach
    1 review

    Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center is an hidden gem just south of Chicago. It has a science museum that tells the story of the Chicago area, along with different types of animals that live in the area. It has many hike and biking trails. Disability access is limited in some areas. Disability parking is provide. You will need about 1 ...

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  • 77
    24.88 mi


    24.88 mi from West Beach
    1 review

    They're always very nice at this Walgreens. I only had one small issue with their pharmacy and a prescription being covered by my works insurance (there's no way I was paying $70 for a bottle of eye drops), but they fixed it quickly.

  • 78
    23.14 mi

    Woodlawn Tap

    23.14 mi from West Beach
    1 review

    Aka Jimmy's, the Woodlawn tap is where undergrads, grad students and professors from the University of Chicago all hang out. It's your basic Midwestern bar, with wood paneling, big pitchers of beer and maybe some darts. If you want a no-nonsense drink, this is da place.

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  • 79
    22.49 mi

    61st Street Farmers' Market

    22.49 mi from West Beach
    1 review

    This is a great spot to stop and grab some food for a picnic in nearby Jackson Park. I'm happy just grabbing some good cheese, bread and fruit to snack on, but if you want a prepared meal, you can find that here too.

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  • 80
    30.52 mi

    Flight Chicago

    30.52 mi from West Beach
    1 review
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