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Which cities should I visit in Spain if I only have a week?

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Julia P recommended Madrid
This city is super cosmopolitan, with easy peasy public transport. Definitely try to see some flamenco while you are there. The Prado is a world class art museum, not to be missed.
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Julia P

you should go to Madrid.

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cristóbal josé prieto iñárritu recommended Malaga
I am kind of biased on this recommendation but it comes from a good place. Málaga is my most favorite city in the world bar none. It is on the South Coast of Spain and it is the perfect combination of ... read more
European and North African. The people are warm and friendly and the food is amazing. You also should definitely hit my second favorite city Barcelona it is very cosmopolitan and has a thriving art scene and night life. Stay near the Rambla while you're there. Outside of those two I would suggest Seville and Granada.
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Spain is easy to get around, so you should be able to hit a few different cities during your trip. I lived in Madrid and loved it, but Barcelona also has a lot to see, plus from there you can visit Girona and/or Tarragona, which are small, slower-paced cities with lots of history. I'd also suggest San Sebastian and Basque Country in general. That part of Spain is so gorgeous and has unique culinary traditions and very friendly people. If you go to Basque Country, try the txakoli wine!

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