Wyndham Orange County Hotel

3350 Avenue of the Arts, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (Formerly Wyndham Garden - Orange County Airport)
4 reviews

This hotel has a surprisingly warm and welcoming feel to it, despite being in the middle of a highly urbanized area. Speaking of the area, this hotel is located next to the Orange County Museum of the Arts which is within walking distance. The rooms especially made the guests feel as though they had never left home boasting wood floors ...

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    0.13 mi

    Segerstrom Center for the Arts

    0.13 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    18 reviews

    If you love music, you should definitely check out their schedule. We have been to some really amazing performances, including opera, musicals, classical and some incredible organ concerts, since the center houses it's very own organ. They do also have an attached smaller venue that regularly offers performances specifically for children.

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  • 2
    0.1 mi

    The Renee and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall

    0.1 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    3 reviews

    This is a gorgeous concert hall. This was my first time at the concert hall even though I've been to the SC Repertory and the Segerstrom Hall for shows before. Entering the concert hall, you can't help but feel a sense of awe. The organ that takes up the back of the stage is immense spanning a few stories high. ...

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  • 3
    0.15 mi

    South Coast Repertory

    0.15 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    2 reviews

    South Coast Repertory is a great little theatre with fantastic plays. I was just recently here for Pride and Prejudice and it was so fun to watch. Mind you, I'm a big Jane Austen fan and I've both the BBC & Keira Knightley versions of the movie on DVD. I thought that the play was great and that the seats ...

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    0.14 mi

    The Center Club

    0.14 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    1 review

    This is a beautiful venue that I visited for a wedding decked out in chandeliers and an outdoor fountain. The rooms make for an intimate but beautiful ceremony. The bar area has some very comfy couches and a table shuffleboard if you get bored. The banquet food was actually pretty tasty and the perfect portion sizes.

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  • 5
    0.54 mi

    South Coast Plaza

    0.54 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    57 reviews

    A woman's dream and dream women for men. Where else in world do women dress up like a night on the town, just to go shopping? LA?! PLEASE! They have nothing on us. This is how we do it in The OC. Have you ever imagined a super mall of designer clothing stores the size of Disneyland? This place is ...

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    0.9 mi


    0.9 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    10 reviews

    CAMP is basically a shopping plaza, but it feels way cooler because thought was put into the overall design and organization of all the stores and restaurants. It feels very modern and has a trendy, hipster edge to it.

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  • 7
    0.71 mi

    Nordstrom Rack Metro Pointe at South Coast

    0.71 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    7 reviews

    This location is unparallelled for Men's shoes. HUGE selection of both casual, and dress shoes at fantastic prices. And you get to dig through them in search of treasure! This is the place to come if you need a new pair of work shoes at any price range. This location also has a huge jeans selection for Men, though you ...

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  • 8
    0.94 mi

    The Wine Lab

    0.94 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    3 reviews

    My date and I wandered in on a Friday evening after seeing a show at the Barclay. This was our second stop after realizing that there was no parking at Kitsch. We ordered 2 flights (one red and one white) of wine before last call at 11 pm. The flights are served in little lab test tubes. Geeky cool. This ...

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  • 9
    0.49 mi

    Plato's Closet South Coast

    0.49 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    2 reviews

    New to the South Coast Plaza area, Plato's Closet isn't a new player in the second hand market, as it is a well recognized Midwest brand. Seeing as though there stills seems to be a satiable market for vintage and thrift stores (especially ones that lean more towards the name brand market), PC has good chance to grow. Already being ...

  • 10
    0.53 mi

    Nordstrom South Coast Plaza

    0.53 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    1 review

    I am obsessed with this store! The service is amazing and there is nothing you can't find here. What I love is that this is a huge store and even on a weekend never feels crowded. The fact that Nordstrom also has a policy to take back anything they sell makes this the best store to go to.

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  • 11
    0.65 mi

    South Coast Plaza Village Shopping Center

    0.65 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    1 review

    Best shopping in all of Southern California.

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  • 12
    0.28 mi

    TONI&GUY Costa Mesa Academy

    0.28 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    1 review

    This salon offers all cuts, styles, colors, etc. done by students, instructors, and professionals. They are very good, very well-known salon. Toni & Guy is known for working with models, fashion runways, celebrities, and uses the top brands in hair products. These guys/gals know what they are doing, so I trust them to do my hair. How about you? Came ...

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  • 13
    0.67 mi

    Macy's South Coast Plaza Home

    0.67 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    1 review

    Great place for after Christmas shopping for Christmas items. Great selection. Great prices. Great customer service. Customers were breaking ornaments like crazy (8 shatter incidents in the 1.5 hours I was here) and the customer service was extremely understanding; just swept it up and moved on. Crowded like crazy but that's because the selection is so amazing! Gorgeousness. Very courteous ...

  • 14
    0.98 mi

    Dantian Studio

    0.98 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    1 review

    If you are a lover of Pilates or are just seeking a bit of balance then Dantian Studio is the place to go. I was amazed at all of the services available. There is yoga, acupuncture, a wellness physician, an aesthetician. Fans of Pilates Reformer machines rejoice, there are classes. There is even babysitting. I can't wait to go back ...

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  • 15
    0.7 mi

    Trinity Broadcasting Network

    0.7 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    1 review

    Gotta love History

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  • 16
    0.88 mi


    0.88 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    2 reviews

    Well this is definitely your below average target. Perhaps its due to location, but i doubt it. Perhaps its due to staff, but dont know any of them. But this place just didnt have the same target standards that i am used to. Honestly it felt like I was in a trashy walmart. This location had a ton of stuff ...

  • 17
    0.46 mi


    0.46 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    2 reviews

    This place sale OVER PRICED China made clothes. I tried to buy dresses here and it 'never' fits. I always ended up returning the clothes that I bought because it fits really weird. I think their clothes are made for people who have the same body proportions as runway models, which I guess it's my fault that I'm not. The ...

  • 18
    0.89 mi

    Edwards Metro Pointe 12

    0.89 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    1 review

    I like this theater. It's probably one of the nicest ones in my immediate area. I've been here twice. First to see Alice in Wonderland and just recently to see This is 40. Enjoyed both movies and had great comfortable seats with some overpriced concessions. I could bypass the concessions. I don't really need to be eating anything while watching ...

  • 19
    0.72 mi

    Apple Store

    0.72 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    1 review

    If you're looking to buy an Apple product, this is THE PLACE to go in OC area. The staff here are super helpful and knowledgeable; unlike any other Apple store!!!

  • 20
    0.69 mi

    Crate and Barrel

    0.69 mi from Wyndham Orange County Hotel
    1 review

    The staff at this C&B went above and beyond for me. Jennifer Blair was my salesgal and she was BEYOND helpful. I had purchased a couch, chair and 1/2 and ottoman - LOUNGE SERIES OMG - and then had to put it on HOLD for a year. She was able to help me out during a sale, and I was ...

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