Yes Hotel

Via Magenta 15, 00185 Rome, Italy
6 reviews

I recommend this hotel to business travelers. I think it's really a 3 stars hotel, for the services it offers. It has a good value for money. The room are nice and comfortable, the television hd is really good! And the rooms are modern and clean, first of all. They are quite large. An empty fredge is avaiable if you ...

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  • 81
    0.97 mi

    Ristorante Dame

    0.97 mi from Yes Hotel
    1 review

    I wouldn' t leave the city centre to come here on purpose but, if you are in the proximity this is the perfect palce for lunch, but also for having a nice pre dinner drink. There is a nice choice of wines and fingerfood proposed are really inviting and tasty. Also main dishes are really good and well prepared. The ...

  • 82
    0.99 mi


    0.99 mi from Yes Hotel

    After a long travel day I was happy to find this place, open and inviting. It was a comfortable place for a single person to eat. Other diners were the guests of the many hotels in the neighborhood. It was quiet. The food was hot. I enjoyed my plate of pasta. I got the traditional cacio e pepe, fresh pasta ...

  • 83
    0.26 mi

    Sorchetteria Doppio Schizzo

    0.26 mi from Yes Hotel
    1 review

    Open 24 hours, this place is perfect for late night (or early morning) munchies and espressos. It's near Termini if you're waiting for a train and don't mind a brief walk.

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  • 84
    1.32 mi

    Giolitti - Centro Storico

    1.32 mi from Yes Hotel

    Gelato, pastries, and more gelato! It's near the Parlamento, so the surrounding streets may be blocked off at times; you should fearlessly walk around the blockades because it's worth it. Try the Opera, Zabaione, Cioccolata Bianca, and Gnuttela.

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  • 85
    1.45 mi

    Caffè Sant'Eustachio

    1.45 mi from Yes Hotel
    19 reviews

    I haven't had an espresso at every coffee shop in Rome, but it's hard to believe there is better than Sant Eustachio (but I'm open-minded to suggestions). Our guide at Walks of Italy pointed me in the direction of this one and I was impressed.

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  • 86
    2.39 mi

    Old Bridge Gelateria

    2.39 mi from Yes Hotel

    Located halfway along the wall of the Vatican Museum, Old Bridge is a great place to stop for some gelato. This was the largest and cheapest gelato I had during my week in Italy (and I had gelato every day). Even with the small size you get to choose 3 different flavors! The staff understands English fairly well too.

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  • 87
    1.64 mi

    Forno Campo de' Fiori

    1.64 mi from Yes Hotel
    13 reviews

    One of Rome's most famous places to get some salty, chewy, pizza bianca, Forno is open early in the day and is usually deservedly packed with Romans. Not only a cheap but a delicious place to grab a snack while wandering the streets.

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  • 88
    1.63 mi

    Bar Pompi

    1.63 mi from Yes Hotel

    Лучший тирамису в городе по мнению самих римлян. Буквально место массового поклонения. Есть классический, клубничный, банановый и фисташковый.

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  • 89
    1.38 mi


    1.38 mi from Yes Hotel
    10 reviews

    International cuisine in the center of Rome. Favorite dish: Pizza!

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  • 90
    2.02 mi

    Trattoria Cacio e Pepe

    2.02 mi from Yes Hotel
    8 reviews

    They have THE most delicious pasta cabonara in the world. Seriously, I ate there four times a week when I was in Rome. It's the best. And the restaurants namesake dish Cacio e Pepe is also delicious, btw.

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  • 91
    1.69 mi

    Pizzeria la Montecarlo

    1.69 mi from Yes Hotel
    6 reviews

    We like the pizza at Montecarlo, although the place has got touristy since 2008 or so. It's on our list of traditional Roman food for its excellent carbonara, one of Rome's flagship pastas.

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  • 92
    1.59 mi

    Il Forno Roscioli

    1.59 mi from Yes Hotel

    Such delicious pizza, such delicious bread...this is a perfect little stop for a light lunch or snack that won't break the bank.

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  • 93
    1.61 mi

    Filetti di Baccala

    1.61 mi from Yes Hotel
    6 reviews

    On the trail of typical Roman cuisine, Filetti di Baccala will tick a couple essential boxes: baccala or fried salt cod, and, in season, puntarelle, the spring green served with an anchovy sauce - trust us, it's great. Filetti di Baccala also ticks that other time-honored Italian box of "si mangia bene e si spende poco" (you eat well and ...

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  • 94
    2.15 mi

    Felice a Testaccio

    2.15 mi from Yes Hotel

    Great food. Reserve way in advance!

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  • 95
    1.47 mi

    La Taverna del Ghetto

    1.47 mi from Yes Hotel
    6 reviews

    I've eaten here a few times and not only love the food, but the entire neighborhood itself. There are a number of great restaurants in this area, and the Taverna del Ghetto isn't any different. Their goulash is better than anything I ever had in Budapest, and the tonnarelli with artichokes was fantastic. The atmosphere is warm and homey with ...

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  • 96
    1.37 mi

    Obikà Mozzarella Bar

    1.37 mi from Yes Hotel

    This place is a great way to sample the variety of mozzarella that Italy has to offer. The burrata (mozzarella filled with cream, basically) will induce tears of joy. Keep in mind that the lure of this place is as an introduction to various types of mozzarella. To take it to the next level, you should then search out shops ...

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  • 97
    1.46 mi

    Pizzeria Florida

    1.46 mi from Yes Hotel
    5 reviews

    Some of Rome's best pizza al taglio is at Pizzeria Florida. An added bonus is its central location on Largo Argentina, perfect for grabbing a trancio (slice) while you're in transit. And, since you control the size of the slice, you have added control on the price!

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  • 98
    2.45 mi

    Osteria dell'Angelo

    2.45 mi from Yes Hotel

    I thought all the Roman food places were in Testaccio, until I accidentally ran across this place while staying at a pensione across the street. The owner, Angelo, puts on a good rap about how healthy typical Roman food is (tripe is low in fat, and other interesting little known facts) but the food is really truly delicious. There's a ...

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  • 99
    1.36 mi

    Gelateria della Palma

    1.36 mi from Yes Hotel

    One entrance is an onslaught of chocolate (impression upon first sight: Ooh!) and the other opens up to one of the largest displays of gelato I've ever seen (impression upon first sight: Oooooooh!). The chocolate section alone is impressive. This is probably one of my top picks for recommendations (but know that it's also a little pricier). They have all ...

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  • 100
    1.55 mi

    Insalata Ricca

    1.55 mi from Yes Hotel
    5 reviews

    My favorite lunch place in all of Rome when I'm in the mood for a salad. They have a menu that will blow your mind with over 30 different salads. They're enough to fill you up for lunch and if you cannot find a salad you like on this menu, you just don't like salads! My favorite is the one ...

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