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    0.79 mi

    La Taverna del Ghetto

    0.79 mi from Your Property
    6 reviews

    Sometimes it takes an Israeli to do Rome proud. Just around the corner from Piazza XVI Ottobre, where thousands of Roman Jews were once rounded up and taken to concentration camps, sits the Taverna del Ghetto, run by Raffaele, a man from Israel, and his Roman wife. As he explained to me, Roman Jewish food had all but died out ...

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    0.83 mi

    Obikà Mozzarella Bar

    0.83 mi from Your Property

    This is a chain of mozzarella bars you could find also in Florence, Milan, Florence... But also NY and LA. It has a very attractive design based on glass and light colours. Here it is possible to taste some of the best food Italian Products, such as mozzarella from Campania, olives from Sicily and so on. It is perfect for ...

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    0.79 mi

    Pizzeria Florida

    0.79 mi from Your Property
    5 reviews

    Some of Rome's best pizza al taglio is at Pizzeria Florida. An added bonus is its central location on Largo Argentina, perfect for grabbing a trancio (slice) while you're in transit. And, since you control the size of the slice, you have added control on the price!

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    0.95 mi

    Filetti di Baccala

    0.95 mi from Your Property
    5 reviews

    This is a casual Roman place, open only at night, that specializes in Baccala, the salty, fried cod typical of central Italy. You can also order puntarelle in season (a delicious green served with an anchovy sauce) and other fried Roman treats like fiori di zucca and suppli. There are no frills here. You eat at a table with a ...

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    0.8 mi

    Cristalli di Zucchero

    0.8 mi from Your Property

    Adjacent to a farmers’ market just off the Circus Maximus is a pretty-in-pink pasticceria where Parisian-style tartlets are made with regional ingredients like apricots and pistachios. Order the flaky ricotta-and-chocolate-filled Romanella at the counter with an espresso—then get another one to go.

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    0.36 mi

    Er Buchetto

    0.36 mi from Your Property
    4 reviews

    Great spot for truly Roman porchetta panini. Er Buchetto is cheap, the service is prompt and it's located conveniently close to Termini. I feel like I had a different experience from those who recommended it to me, as they described getting freshly sliced and curated porchetta panini. While my panino was tasty, he simply handed it to me from a ...

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  • 27
    0.95 mi

    Grom - Piazza Navona

    0.95 mi from Your Property

    One of my favorite gelaterie in Rome. Grom uses only natural ingredients (no preservatives) and they have great flavors. Service is extremely friendly, and they do a good job of keeping the line moving. I ordered the salted caramel (step back, Bi-Rite in San Francisco, this one is better) and the dark chocolate. Simply divine, especially given you have all ...

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  • 28
    0.76 mi

    Giggetto al Portico d'Ottavia

    0.76 mi from Your Property

    Yes, its in all of the guide books, but there is a reason - Giggetto serves hands down the best traditional Jewish-Roman food around. Not to miss are their famous fried artichokes, puntarelle salad, and animelle in bianco (sweetbreads) - they are heavenly. Go for lunch when the weather is nice and sit outside to soak up Rome!

  • 29
    0.82 mi

    Taverna Le Coppelle

    0.82 mi from Your Property

    I met my friend R.V., a Roman for many years (though he prefers to be known as a Florentine), in front of Bassetti Tessuti, Rome's largest fabric store. He was going to take me to his favorite pizzeria, nearby. Hm. Where was it exactly. We walked a few blocks and "Ah, here it is." I ordered a bianco (no tomato ...

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    0.73 mi

    Antico Caffè Greco

    0.73 mi from Your Property
    4 reviews

    Yes, it's hideously touristy but both the place and the location are so steeped in history that it's a must-visit at least once. Stendhal, Goethe, Byron, Franz Liszt, Keats, Henrik Ibsen, Hans Christian Andersen and Felix Mendelssohn are amongst the historical figures who've previously taken tea and cake here. It's not the oldest place of its kind in Italy, that ...

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  • 31
    0.9 mi

    Insalata Ricca

    0.9 mi from Your Property
    4 reviews

    This is by far my favorite restaurant in the world. Just a few weeks ago I had a ten hour layover in Rome, on my way to Tel Aviv for the wedding. I was exhausted and it was raining outside, but I knew that I had to get to Insalata Rica, if only for a short meal. And that's exactly ...

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    0.99 mi

    L'Enoteca Cul de Sac

    0.99 mi from Your Property
    4 reviews

    Outstanding little place on the Piazza di Pasquino, just off the Piazza Navona. Great selection of wines by the glass, cheeses and prosciutto.

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  • 33
    0.78 mi

    Gelateria della Palma

    0.78 mi from Your Property

    One entrance is an onslaught of chocolate (impression upon first sight: Ooh!) and the other opens up to one of the largest displays of gelato I've ever seen (impression upon first sight: Oooooooh!). The chocolate section alone is impressive. This is probably one of my top picks for recommendations (but know that it's also a little pricier). They have all ...

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  • 34
    0.9 mi


    0.9 mi from Your Property
    3 reviews

    It is a great restaurant in the jewish neighbourhood of Rome... The owners are around to take good care of you... Food is seriously good & authentic...

  • 35
    0.98 mi


    0.98 mi from Your Property
    3 reviews

    I've been periodically heading to Ditirambo through the years, first as a tourist, then resident, and now again visitor to Rome. It's one of those places that's papered with stickers of all the best guides (Gambero Rosso, etc), and if you arrive at lunch, one room is dedicated to making the pasta for the evening and the other to accommodating ...

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  • 36
    0.56 mi

    Hard Rock Cafe

    0.56 mi from Your Property
    4 reviews

    After a couple of years came to hard rock... Never again. Awful food, also nachos and I adore nachos!! Bleah

  • 37
    0.37 mi

    Flor Gelateria

    0.37 mi from Your Property

    Nice gelateria! Interesting flavors. Highly recommend on hot Roman days!

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  • 38
    0.91 mi

    Osteria Margutta

    0.91 mi from Your Property
    3 reviews

    Lovely restaurant in lovelier Via Margutta.

  • 39
    0.86 mi

    Sora Margherita

    0.86 mi from Your Property

    Without any obvious signs and reservations necessary for weekday lunch (the only time they're open besides weekend evenings), you need to read a review to know to come here. In the heart of the Jewish Ghetto, Sora Margherita specializes in Roman and Jewish cuisine, my two favorites in the world. It's become fairly touristed, but the food is still well ...

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  • 40
    0.71 mi

    Ristorante "Il Sorriso"

    0.71 mi from Your Property
    3 reviews

    Nice family owned restaurant in a calm area in Rome. This restaurants serves great fresh pasta with simple and delicious ingredients and affordable price.

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