Zachary's Chicago Pizza

1853 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707
13 reviews

Oh, how I love Zachary's. Order the Zachary's Special pizza and thank me later. It doesn't have meat, but it's stuffed with so many other things that meat eaters wouldn't mind sharing this kind of pie with their vegetarian friends. Keep in mind that they take at least 20 minutes to bake, so call ahead.

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  • 81
    3.73 mi

    A Cote

    3.73 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza
    5 reviews

    One of my favorite restaurants in Oakland! This is a place that's great for a date, a girls night out, or to take your parents when they're in town. Excellent food, reasonable prices, and classy ambiance all in one spot. The drink list is surprisingly long for such a small restaurant. No matter your poison, they'll have something to please ...

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  • 82
    3.45 mi

    Ramen Shop

    3.45 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza
    5 reviews

    Rated the best ramen in the Bay Area

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  • 83
    3.54 mi

    Townhouse Bar and Grill

    3.54 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza
    6 reviews

    I've been a patron of the Townhouse over the years and loved it's country-western past, so I was ready to be disappointed by it's current role as an E-ville bistro. Well, I had a great lunch with a girlfriend. It was easy to talk and catchup, and the food and service were all good. So, yeah, I'll be back, but ...

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  • 84
    3.61 mi

    Oliveto Cafe & Restaurant

    3.61 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza

    Past chefs have included Michael Tusk, Paul Bertolli and Paul Canales and once could argue that 90% of the fame for this place is due to Mr. Bertolli. The latest chef is Jonah Rhodehamel. Come here for excellently made incredible fresh Italian food. And this may seem like a small thing, but I once loved the dessert here so much ...

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  • 85
    1.98 mi


    1.98 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza
    5 reviews

    Great chicken tikka masala and free chai. Small but great when you are craving a hearty warm lunch.

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  • 86
    1.55 mi

    Berkeley Farmers' Market

    1.55 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza
    5 reviews

    The well-known Berkeley Farmer's Market is here in downtown Berkeley every Saturday

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  • 87
    2.02 mi

    Caffe Strada

    2.02 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza

    I joined my class group on Campus today to chat with our professor about our semester project. And afterwards, we met here to talk strategy and to just get to know each other a little better. So let's just say that Caffe Strada might be considered as a Living Room for past and present Haas Business Students (among others). There's ...

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  • 88
    1.94 mi


    1.94 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza
    5 reviews

    Tacubay is our favorite Mexican Restaurant located in the popular 4th street district.

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  • 89
    2.21 mi

    Sea Salt

    2.21 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza
    5 reviews

    Great sea food on San Pablo Ave

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  • 90
    1.52 mi

    Top Dog

    1.52 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza
    5 reviews

    I like hotdogs but you'd have to really love hot dogs to go apeshit for this place like so many fratboys/sorrority girls/basketball players do. For me, spending 3.75 on an albeit tasty apple sausage is just crazy, but hey some people love 'em. You can hear/get into some crazy talks about libertarianism, sarah palin, women and politics any time there, ...

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  • 91
    1.69 mi

    Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen

    1.69 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza

    Good food, kind of pricey though. Long wait times, even on July 4th! The group agreed the only real "southern" food was their butter with brussel sprouts...wait, I mean brussel sprouts with butter. Sweet tea was sweet enough for me, but definitely not Southern sweet.

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  • 92
    1.59 mi


    1.59 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza
    4 reviews

    I love Japanese Izakaya type establishments, aka Japa Tapas (my expression), perhaps because they offer delicious little plates that you can try so many flavors and textures in one meal. But the other reason is because most places of this up and coming food trend in the US, (they are common anywhere in Japan), is that it is Japanese owned ...

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  • 93
    1.6 mi

    The Albatross Pub

    1.6 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza
    5 reviews

    Cosy and yet spacious, slightly cluttered, and often well populated. A full bar, and a very substantial beer selection, with some trappist ales, some nitrogen pushed drafts. There is a limited food selection, usually a pizza or chili. If you ask, they will generally let you bring in food from Everett and Jones BBQ across the street. And the refillable ...

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  • 94
    1.36 mi

    Triple Rock Brewery-Ale House

    1.36 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza

    I have been coming here for years. I think the service was better when you used to order at the window. However, I haven't found the table service to be that bad. The beer selection is one of the best I have had. I also like their food. The place can get really noisy. But it's comfortable and unpretentious and ...

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  • 95
    2.08 mi

    Sketch Ice Cream

    2.08 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza
    5 reviews

    Decent ice cream flavors such as earl grey tea, plum sorbet, and summer berry. The vanilla bean was just okay. Adding sea salt caramel topping made it even tastier. I also got oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies. On the small side but still was satisfying. All in all, a cute little ice cream shop on 4th Street. Could work on ...

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  • 96
    1.48 mi


    1.48 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza
    4 reviews

    First impression, great cocktail. As I wait at the bar for the rest of my party to arrive, the 'palomaesque' is welcome company. The food left a little to be desired. Though everything looked great, the flavors were a little bland; certainly not what you've likely come to expect of California-Mexican.

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  • 97
    1.45 mi

    Au Coquelet

    1.45 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza

    Open super late! pretty quiet atmosphere. Good place to relax with a book or get some work done. Typical deli / sandwich food.

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  • 98
    1.45 mi

    Asha Tea House

    1.45 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza
    3 reviews

    This place has one of the nicest, cleanest, and cutest tea house. What you must try: - Matcha latte = can get it either hot or cold, although I prefer cold. - Matcha Affogato = 3 scoops of Three Twins vanilla ice cream "drowned" in Matcha I added pearl to my matcha latte and the pearl was so delicious. Not ...

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  • 99
    2.47 mi

    Thai Buddhist Temple

    2.47 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza
    3 reviews

    Authentic, cheap, fun atmosphere. One of a kind.

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  • 100
    3.99 mi


    3.99 mi from Zachary's Chicago Pizza
    3 reviews

    I work up an appetite to eat well at Marica. Thanks to M knowing his hood and his five stars restaurant, we end up here for a lovely dinner. Prix Fixe Menu: - Buttermilk Shrimp Corncake = Two grilled shrimp atop two buttermilk shrimp corncakes, drizzled with chipotle butter, organic mixed greens. Refreshing and tasty! - Soup du Jour = ...

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