Ben Thanh Market

Bến Thành Market, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - Map
Stanley Chan's rating: 5
So many exotic eats! This is the hub of cheap shopping in Vietnam!!! All tourists congregate to the Ben Thanh Market for cheap goods and great eats! Crossing the circle street around the market is a chore in itself, as hundreds of scooters drive by every which way. The market sells thousands of cheap goods, but get ready to haggle and bargain with the ultra-aggressive salespeople. Tourists can buy lots of great souvenirs here for cheap-as-dirt ... read more
prices, such as $1.50-$2 T-Shirts, that use the word, "Pho" in so many different forms, some that come out hilariously, like "Pho King", "iPho", "I Love Pho", etc. The food court is also amazing, as there is so much to eat there!!! Once the Ben Thanh Market closes down around 7, outside the building transforms into the equally busy Night Market, where vendor shops suddenly spring up and occupy the once busy streets! Amazing transformation!!! If you're a tourist, make sure you come by the Ben Thanh Market and be ready to be overwhelmed by all the cheap and fake goods to your heart's content!